The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit (CJMTK) program comprises a comprehensive set of geospatial software components and is the recommended toolkit for the management, analysis, and visualization of geospatial intelligence for the Department of Defense (DoD) Command, Control, and Intelligence (C2I) Community. Under NGA’s Legacy Sustainment Contract (LSC), Northrop Grumman, subcontractor to Leidos, provides the Program Management and Technical Service support to approved programs by assisting in enabling modern, distributed, multi-platform software architectures. The toolkit provides a wide range of development technologies and provides help for application developers to achieve:

  • Deployment in a Network-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) environment
  • Incorporation of advanced geospatial and analytical capabilities
  • Interoperability across mission applications
  • Enterprise-level scalability
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Increased performance


The CJMTK program constitutes a government and industry collaboration providing full lifecycle management to mission application developers. Our team continues to evolve, develop, support, and deploy the toolkit to meet the ongoing Joint Mapping Toolkit needs of operational mission applications. Since implementation, the CJMTK has become a critical part of many DoD mission applications, such as the Army’s DCGS-A, the Marine Corps’ TLDHS, the Navy’s Collector EIPB, the Air Force’s JET, and DIA’s GALE.

Toolkit Components

The foundation of the CJMTK offering is the Esri ArcGIS suite of commercial software developer components and end user applications. The CJMTK includes ArcGIS Runtime; ArcGIS Engine with the 3-D, Spatial, Network, Tracking, and Geodatabase Update extensions; and ArcGIS for Server – Advanced Enterprise Edition with Image extension. Advanced Enterprise Edition includes the 3-D, Spatial, Network, and Geostatistical extensions and ArcGIS Mobile. The toolkit also includes additional components developed by Northrop Grumman. The CJMTK is available for the Windows and Linux operating systems. Together, the components of the CJMTK comprise a comprehensive package that provides unparalleled geospatial data management, analysis, and visualization capabilities.


This acquisition replaces all of the existing Joint Mapping Tool Kit (JMTK) functions with Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) components and provides additional capabilities. JMTK is a suite of government-developed software applications that were consolidated in 1994 to provide a standardized geospatial visualization capability to the DoD command and control systems. JMTK provides the Mapping, Charting, Geodesy, and Imagery (MCG&I) functionality for mission applications that run in the Common Operating Environment (COE). It is not an application, but a developer toolkit. JMTK is a collection of government-owned application program interfaces (APIs) that enable mission applications to interface with the COE MCG&I functionality. In the 1999 Defense Authorization Bill, Congress directed that future versions of the JMTK be based on commercial technology.

The CJMTK is based on a single scalable open architecture, with open development environments, incorporating industry standards, where significant research and development costs are borne mainly by vendors, offering regular software upgrades, extended functionality, and standard, regular training. The primary commercial component of the CJMTK is the ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS) software called ArcGIS. This award can be viewed simply as the adoption of the ArcGIS platform as the standard geospatial exploitation tool for the DoD C2I systems.

Commonality of platforms, software tools, and processes is a critical factor in assuring interoperability across COE Mission Applications. The CJMTK provides those common, commercially based, geospatial tools for the Community, while enhancing capability and performance. Also, adoption of commercial industry standards reduces overall integration costs for the various DoD Mission Applications.

Who is eligible to use the CJMTK?

The primary users of the CJMTK are U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Command, Control, & Intelligence (C2I) mission application development programs. C2I programs apply for the CJMTK under the Toolkit option. Approval to use the CJMTK under the Toolkit option provides free, unlimited license use and life cycle support.

Non-C2I DoD programs may use the CJMTK under the Extended User Community (EUC) licensing option. This option provides the same range of functionality and support as the Toolkit licensing option; however, the CJMTK is not provided free of charge. NGA provides the contract vehicle for user acquisition of the software but the EUC program is responsible for the funding.

Foreign governments who wish to integrate the CJMTK into their mission applications can purchase the toolkit components and/or enhancements through the CJMTK contract using the NGA Foreign Military Sales (FMS) process, provided they have a U.S. Government sponsor. For all three options, integration of the toolkit or applications within a program is the responsibility of the program.

Toolkit Licensing

Toolkit Licensing Criteria

There are three licensing agreements for the CJMTK:

  • Basic Toolkit License – For approved DoD C2I mission application development teams the CJMTK is provided at no cost and distributed via the web from the CJMTK website (Download CJMTK Software).
  • Extended User Community (EUC) License – For DoD users who do not qualify for the Toolkit License but want CJMTK technology and interoperability benefits, the CJMTK toolkit components and/or Esri and AGI products can be purchased through the CJMTK contract.
  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS) License – Foreign governments who wish to integrate the CJMTK into their mission applications can purchase the toolkit components and/or enhancements through the CJMTK contract using the NGA Foreign Military Sales (FMS) process, provided they have a U.S. Government sponsor.

What are the restrictions on using the CJMTK?

Both permitted and non-permitted use of the CJMTK are defined in the CJMTK License Agreement (403K PDF file). The CJMTK License Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing C2I Users’ use of the CJMTK Toolkit. This license agreement must be read, and terms and conditions understood and acknowledged prior to downloading any CJMTK software components.