New Releases - ArcGIS Earth 1.4 and ArcGIS Pro 1.4
1/20/2017 8:55:14 AM - CJMTK

Esri is excited to release ArcGIS Earth 1.4. ArcGIS Earth is a powerful 3D Viewer, which integrates with your CJMTK Platform and can also go offline, so users can easily view their data, sketch, measure, and share information.

This release focused on streamlining enterprise deployment workflows and on enhancing the Portal for ArcGIS experience. In addition, major improvements have been made to Earth’s drawing and table of contents (TOC). An upgraded popup window improves HTML display, the ability to log errors, and more KML functionality are all part of the new release.

Download it today and find out what's new!

Esri also just release a new version of their flagship GIS desktop application - ArcGIS Pro 1.4. ArcGIS Pro is available through CJMTK for development and server administration purposes. It is a 64-bit, 2D/3D GIS desktop providing powerful analytical tools as well as extensive data management and cartographic capabilities.

Find out about the new key features and the dive into a more comprehensive list of new features.