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CJMTK Segmentation schedule, updated on July 6 2017
2/16/2017 12:41:12 PM - CJMTK
Segment Name Software OS Version Projected Completion date Status
ArcGIS Server 10.5 ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Data Store, Web Adaptor IIS,   Web Adaptor Java Windows 10.5 Feb 14 2017 Done

ArcGIS Engine 10.5
ArcGIS Engine,ArcGIS Engine Background Geoprocessing Windows 10.5 May 26 2017 Done
ArcGIS Portal 10.5

Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Data store,

Web Adaptor Java

Windows 10.5 Feb 23 2017 Done
Geo Event Server ArcGIS GeoEvent Server Windows 10.5 Mar 2 2017 Done
ArcGIS Desktop Desktop, Background Geoprocessing Windows 10.5 Mar 16 2017 Done
ArcGIS portal 10.5 Portal for ArcGIS Linux 10.5 Aprl 6 2017 Done
ArcGIS Server 10.5 ArcGIS Server, Web Adaptor Java Linux 10.5 Aprl 20 2017 Done
GeoEvent Server ArcGIS GeoEvent Linux 10.5 Aprl 20 2017 Done
ArcGIS Image Server Image Server Windows 10.5 Aprl 27 2017 Done
ArcObjects SDK for Java ArcObjects SDK for .JAVA Windows 10.5 May 11 2017 Done
ArcGIS Pro 1.4 ArcGIS Pro Windows 1.4 June 8 2017 Done
ArcObjects SDK for .NET ArcObjects SDK for .NET Windows 10.5 June 30 2017 Done
ArcGIS Runtime  SDK for .NET ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET Windows 100.1 July 20 2017 New
ArcGIS Runtime for QT ArcGIS Runtime SDK for QT Windows 100.1 August 4 2017 New
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for JAVA ArcGIS Runtime SDK for JAVA Windows 100.1 August 18 2017 New
ArcGIS Runtime for QT ArcGIS Runtime SDK for QT Linux 100.1 August 30 2017 New

Above is the CJMTK schedule for new segment release.

Segments are available in the Download CJMTK Software section. Please note that Desktop, Portal, and Geoevent Processor segments are available upon request using the helpdesk. Please contact us if  you need any segment before the projected date, we will try to prioritize.

The CJMTK team includes additional software and patches that are deemed necessary for the majority of CJMTK users. Additional patches may still exist and can be found on the Esri Patches and Service Packs page