How does a program apply to become approved to use the CJMTK Software?

Programs may request approval for CJMTK software for their system. In order to apply for CJMTK software, the individual making the request:

  • CJMTK Application Help  (64K PDF file)

  • Must have an approved website access account (Create Account)
  • Must have an e-mail address with a .mil or .gov extension
  • Must be a designated government sponsor

Once you have received an approved CJMTK website account, sign in to the website using your newly approved account, navigate to the Support tab, then click on the "Application" link located under the "Apply to Become Approved CJMTK Program" heading to fill out the application. Submitting an application does not guarantee that a system will be approved for the CJMTK software.